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Hello fellas, great to see you!

This is Arnab Ghosh, a simple man who has a brains of an engineer and heart of a traveller. I love to share my travel stories. That’s how I live my life by exploring the world 🌎 out there… 

Rihanna says- This is what you came for ! – and yeah I love her.

Here, I would take you to a roller coaster ride around the world sharing all the first hand experiences of local joints, places to be, things to do and a lot more. This will rejuvenate your soul and inspire you. Write me if it doesn’t (I’ll sing a song for you :p) 

By Default – I am an entrepreneur and a designer (founder, rockethomes) and  travel is what I need to get my energies!

With me, exploring would be a redefining experience and that’s how we will pry god’s creations and sometimes human’s too :p. This platform will give voice to all the small or big time travel lovers to come and share there stories, and be a part of my dairy! 

The Engineer’s diary will have helpful travel tips, reviews and journals about the best of the hotels from 7 stars to local joints, from high end market like orchard street singapore to local street markets of thamel, kathmandu and most importantly the lovely breathtaking moments of all the travels across the world.

Have a great time enjoying and loving your life.

So pack your bags & get going 🀘🏽

Singapore airport
At changi airport, singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

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