5 Questions To Ask!

We all at some point in life have come face to face with situations where things have gone all wrong, mistakes have come up, we are about to loose money, stake or relation, the time when we tend to start predicting the Unpredictable.

Till you understand the soup you are in, the anxiety has already taken a call on your nervous system and you are left with the only option of hope to maintain resilience and continue your day dreaming!

Here, I give you – 5 Questions you should ask yourself and write down the answers on a piece of paper. This will help you see the actual picture of where you stand and could pause your inner turmoil.


1) What will happen if I loose?

Write down to yourself, what worse can happen if you actually go all wrong and end up in a mess. Jot down all the possible outcomes in most rational way possible. In your start-up scenario, this question’s answer is going to help you look at the moment in better and non-emotional way when you are riding on your emotional paradigm.

2) How long could it last?

As they say ” Time is the best healer”. Ask yourself how long the going wrong situation can actually continue bothering you or your work, write down your expected time. All of a sudden when you realize that you are in deep shit you feel that the world ends here! but this question will analytically help you see the world ahead.

3) What else could I have done?

It’s very important to learn from our mistakes, they make the strongest blocks of your success stories! and now when you know the situations are worse, analyze the how would you have managed it well, what could you have done that have not landed you in this mess. If after pondering on the answer to this question it comes to you that what you did was the best you could have done to handle, then dear friend don’t repent, you were destined for it for something good to happen!

4) What must be my next move?

You must realize that the terror of what is going to happen has actually made you immobile. It,s time to strategies your next move and plan for coming back hard. Do whatever possible for disaster management, make your peers ready for a collective strong move and a leap ahead. Remember the time you committed in second question and strategies to reduce it and get back on track.

5) Do dare to continue?

After asking yourself the 4 questions, at last, answering the fifth one would be rather easy. This question will rather shape your future and will give you a new spirit all of a sudden. Perseverance is the key to being successful and after all its the only thing which matters. Remember the stories of great success hide even greater comebacks from failures.

Guru says “If you want to test your resilience, Run the Marathon!”

So Keep Running, As the Journey is your Destination!

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