5 Steps To Your Entrepreneurship career.

I constantly come across groups of passionate individuals and young engineers who are planning their career path after the much awaited Graduation degree they sought.Most of them even after spending years in a reputed college and having a high amount of gray matter, focus on the so-called trend of “Settling In Life“. That’s because they always dreamed of being in the top positions with the top of the companies possible – That’s what seems understandable and only option that they as well their families feel, they have to grow in life.

The Concept of Entrepreneurship is yet dingy and most of the folks who can make great startups end up themselves in doing routine jobs and non-creative life.

With almost no inspiration, no guidance and no knowledge about entrepreneurship during our formative years, most of the youth is crowded towards the prep institutes for secured jobs and settled careers. A startup is no way a career option and only seems to have a DANGER sign associated with it!

So here I have 5 steps to get into the path of Entrepreneurship which is not only a career option for all young minds but also the only way to get “SUCCESS WITH SATISFACTION” in life but you cannot actually settle:)

Cos in the Start-Up world settlement only means growing bigger and better every day.

1. Shape Your Business Idea

Many of us when young are filled with ideas, take it for pranking your friends or for getting things done from your parents/teachers etc. But as we struggle through life to get our daily bread somehow this spontaneous portion of our brain goes to sleep. So it’s the best time to act, observe your surroundings and see what people are struggling out with and propose a solution – “THE BUSINESS IDEA”. Then start discussing it with people and shape it to detail enough to make a on paper business model.

2. Bootstrap Your Idea.

Once you have your business model start getting it on the ground with a smaller prototype with less investment, but enough to understand the functionality of your business model, seek market feedback over your functional model and amend and improve for a revenue generation.

3. Fetch Venture Capitalization For Your Product.

Showcase your business ideas to angel investors and venture capitalists to fetch investments and work on the growth prospects and making it big strategy. Plan your marketing and traffic generation for higher revenue generation and making yourself a bigger solution provider.

4. Create Your Personal Brand.

It’s very Important for an entrepreneur to constantly connect with people and build his own personal brand so as people get to know more about the solution you are providing and how it’s going to transform the world. The more people know you and trust you, the more they tend to trust your product. So be among people, write to them, help them with their your tips and knowledge and the more traffic you move towards you the more they will move towards the solution you offer. But remember not to advertise your product in the process of helping. As the place where branding is via social relations, the market norms can hurt and break the trust of your followers.

5. Improve, Improvise and Implement.

Once you have started your Entrepreneurship career you will learn that with ever changing market your idea will develop as per the consumer relations and feedback making it closer solution and more diverse approach to suit the diversity of the world. What you need to constantly do is to retain the passion you have and continue improving it for your clients, improvising the already in action solution for catering to the diversity and Implementing from the consumer feedback. You will see that you have a better life than most of your peers in the sectors with the top jobs with top companies, as you will be the one Living Your Dreams and they will be living others’.

These are my picks for the 5 steps towards your Entrepreneurship Career, but they’re certainly not the only ones. What would more steps you add to the list?

Any doubts you have about Entrepreneurship or Startups as a career?

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