Creating “YOU” a Brand.

Remember the story of the man who can turn anything into glittering gold as soon as he touches it?

What if I say, YOU can be the one who has the power to turn anything into a precious entity as pure and glittering as gold just when you want.

Yeah, This is the power what “YOU” get when you are a “BRAND”. Many people who are still spending hours and tons of “currencies” to develop their brands actually know what a Brand power does to people, but still on the journey of exploration of what they can do to their brand!

The best place to understand how it works for almost everybody on earth is the Entertainment Industry – Hollywood, Bollywood and other woods throughout.. 🙂 They actually know that how to encash a personal brand again and again through all the years and making it bigger with each hit production.

To be straight it’s a simple story, if people love you, adore you and know you, the more likely they will love, adore and will do whatever you do and recommend. That’s why we see Sachin Tendulkar (We love you Sachin) praising a Water purifier while we know he has no relation to PHE and Purifying methodology science (till the depth of my thoughts). It’s just the purifier derived its brand value out of his massive fan following and presence in the world.

That’s the same as why every time a Movie is released the success depends mostly with the Star Cast and the names associated with it. Every star from Tom Cruise to Aamir Khan itself is a Brand and has the power to turn a 50 cent T-shirt which is readily available in the market, to a 5000$ tag if out of their wardrobe!

You almost see the process taking place every day and still run after building your product a brand instead of building “YOU” the brand which is indeed easier and just costs your time.

Outside the entertainment industry, in one of the oldest industry in present India, the man who understood the power of Personal Brand well and in one year did something, what others were unable to do in 50 years!

Guess who… YES, I am talking about NaMo- The Narendra Modi. -PM of India, One of the finest examples of personal brand power in the most traditional industry!

So, now when you know that how personal brand can turn you into a power filled money making machine and a social value tag automatically applied to you then must know that how can you create one for you…

1. Socialize, Socialize and socialize

Accept it or not, whatever we do when among people is to be nice and liked by our surroundings, we do things to be loved by the people we love and we take pains to be appreciated by the society. So the more you will connect and interact with new people the more you are liked and known to them. This adds to your personal network and opens you to a new world of opportunities. They say the bigger you are, the bigger your network is… I say the other way around is also true.

2. Showcase your capabilities.

After all, you are not an actor nor you got a party ticket, but you know you have some capabilities that make you stand out in the crowd. Highlight your capabilities, showcase your portfolio. Share your knowledge throughout your network. Remember the friend who always suggests you right has more value in your perspective.

3. Be there for everyone.

Always be ready to share and help the society with whatever capabilities and knowledge you have as every time anyone is benefited by your small advice or suggestion they more they will tend to endorse you among their own network and that too without any branding cost (like you did for Modi in this election and still doing). We have done it for our friends since childhood, what now is to be done is to make the society as your closest friend. Help, advice more people in the domains of your knowledge and suggest the right solutions to your social friends. There you will see how you the smiles you gave to people, converted lots of likes and shares for your personal brand taking you a higher social acknowledgment and Greater market value with larger levels of opportunities.

Once YOU are a BRAND, you need not market your resume for jobs, opportunities will automatically come your way, you need not struggle through your career profile as you can easily be self-employed, you need not be worried about your product success, as your successful brand will be a fuel for it and most important YOU will BE a REASON of a THOUSAND SMILES.

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