The Vital Stats of A “StartUp”.

Many of you are familiar with stats that says 36-24-36, or any other you always like:), there is a huge story to tell about the statistics, which fill every second of our lives with anxiety and approval.

Be it the LIKE count on the photo, you just uploaded on your Facebook wall or the followers you have to your microblogs, all these stats tend to size up the value and presence of anything, to Everyone, in whatever plausible perspectives available.

That’s why, when I say the word “Start-Up Company” Most of you get a picture almost instantly! You know WHY?? Because we subconsciously associate the Statistics with every word we hear, in microseconds of observation, and this actually gives us the social measure of the thing being talked about preparing ourselves for a reaction! AGREED??! (Hit Like Then).

That’s how we are wired.

Let’s do a small experiment over here, just see do you associate the same stats as I did?

When I say:-

This child on the footpath is actually starving

This line punched my imagination in seconds, and I saw a small, timid child of age not more than 12 years is striving over the footpath in want of food. Am I right?

Again, when I say:

I work for APPLE

Immediately… You say WOW man! (Assuming I must be earning a 6 figure salary).

In both the above situations I have not mentioned stats, but mind assumed it based on our observations and perspective.

Even though I could be a watchman at Apple and earning lower than you are or the child itself is a 40 yrs old man and the line was out of the mouth of a Priest. Our mind loves shortcuts and avoid over indulgence with every topic for faster data processing and getting us ready for the next decision to take.

The whole point is when we say START-UP company, the image you get in your mind is completely different in the current scenario.

With more successful startup stories and huge funding from angels and venture capitalists to new ideologies, The vital stats of a Start-Up today are shaped as:

1) Resourcefulness – Startups today are even more resourceful than many decade old traditional companies with the vital presence on social platforms and huge network development with people getting input from a sizeable crowd.

2) Balance Sheet – Today start-ups with good VC bucks have the most impressive 6 figure balance sheets after a successful year or so, which is again, way better than some small scale industries running for ages, and these sheets are generally explosive in nature over a span of a few years of the run.

3) Salaries – Believe me guys, for the right talents and passion these are the companies who are paying the highest salaries ever imagined with no rigid HR policies.One can get up to a tune of 50lpa for a job which one would be doing @ 25 in a traditional company of different nature.

4) Growth – Way ahead of companies running on some trade and manufacturing processes since ages, including some giants, the Startup ventures are the one which has exponential growth graphs showing 100-200% growth in every quarter and has a tendency to become multinational in the early years of development.

6) Approach – With Digital Marketing as a key and coverage by specialized channels like Yourstory media, Next Big what etc. Startups today have the widest possible approach, reaching more than 1 million people from every corner of the world from the day they start, creating a revolution in the society based on the solution proposed.


7) Success – The Current decade is experiencing a change, with the end of world recession, there is a huge space created in the market for solution providers to the NEXT generation who are brighter and keener to explore better ways to life. With a less rigid approach towards the traditional ways of getting things done a scenario is created where well-executed solution can get on nerves with the people and make their chances of success @ 200% higher than the previous decade

So hope I molded some of your subconscious minds with sizeable statistics so that next time you hear a job opportunity or anything related to the startup company, you would definitely be giving the right reactions 🙂

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