Why “Best Entrepreneurs” are “Worst Employees”!?

By such a blog title, I think I have taken most of you people by surprise, and I am sure that have annoyed a few! Seriously readers, I really mean it, and I don’t want to annoy anyone in the process of making it understood by the world.

It’s a fact that we often have come across situations where we see the brightest entrepreneurs to be called as bad employees when in an organization.

By the term BAD EMPLOYEES, I don’t mean that they are bad managers, bad performers, bad business promoters or at all a bad team leader, Indeed they prove to be the best in all these and many more skills. Then why shall people call them BAD EMPLOYEES or BAD STUDENTS??

To be straight, it’s because of their creative mind and ever excited heart, which always demand a change for better!

These Entrepreneurs, generally tend to hate the company’s/school’s dogmatic approach and the set patterns applied to the “employees”/”students” clan by some primitive directors and have been followed since then in the same fashion. So our hotshot performers rebel to induce change for better techniques and mantras for running the system. This tendency of these intellectual guys always lands them in trouble with their bosses on obedience and disciplinary grounds and even after their high-performance track records and unbeatable interpersonal skills are always on the talk books as a ‘BAD‘ Employee.

Here the journey begins…

This whole scenario generally leads them to drop their schools or offices and chase their dream of a startup with the potential they plan. This is where they turn up to become the entrepreneurs who bend the rules of the society and show them the new way to do things and thus simplifying our lives.

As Einstein rebelled the schools, dropped out and made the world where we live in today.

But… The question arises that am I telling you all to be BAD Employees to be BEST entrepreneurs? Am I asking you all to be an anarchist to your company policies? – In one word – NO.

I would rather prefer to say that the thoughts another way around are not true. You should rather be oriented to become a Good Entrepreneur than a Bad Employee. They always have a tendency of seeing things from a rational perspective and tend to evolve a solution to practical problems! So I wish you all to be a problem solver instead of a rebellion.

As, Eldridge cleaver says, – “If you’re not a part of the solution, You’re a part of problem”

Always try to be a part of the solution if not the solution itself, because this is the only way how we all can have a better living in a better world!

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